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July 28, 2019

How to get an attractive body

How to get an attractive body| Want to get a healthy and attractive body for summer? Do you want to walk imposing on the pool or beach? With a little effort, exercise, autonomy, you can get an attractive body.

How to get an attractive body

Method-1: Meal and sleep

1: Let's eat lots of healthy food. Avoid junk foods such as potato chips, cakes, pizzas, and ice creams. If you have a good meal, your body will be happy. Eat foods rich in protein and fiber and try to reduce food consumption. It would be better to have 3-4 small meals a day.

  • Even with aerobic exercise, you will lose stomach fat, but active consumption of fruits and vegetables, in particular, will make it difficult to get fat in the abdomen. Eat dark vegetables such as beets, carrots, kale, tomatoes, spinach and broccoli. You may eat it mixed as a salad or eat it with hummus (chickpeas dip) if it is not your preference.
  • Avoid prolonged hunger. If you don't eat anything, your metabolism will fall, and if you stay hungry for a long time, your weight will be difficult to lose (the body prepares to save more energy). Therefore, eat regularly and reduce the amount you eat to lose excess weight.
How to get an attractive body

2: Even with zero calories, avoid juice and sodas and drink water. Zero-calorie products are a calorie-free alternative to regular sodas but prevent weight loss. If you are serious about getting a good shape, avoid beverages other than water. Replacing all the water with water will reduce your calorie intake.

  • If you do not know your daily water intake, carry a water bottle and try to be thirsty. The complexion will also improve.
  • Stop taking alcohol. In particular, it may be difficult for people who have a habit of drinking a glass of red wine after work is complete. However, alcoholic beverages such as wine contain many calories. Therefore, even if you are drinking a glass of wine for some other health reasons, it is not a good practice if you want to be slim.
How to get an attractive body

3: Let's increase in sleeping time. The third point of losing weight is sleep. Many go to the gym and eat like a vegetarian monk, but the size of the West doesn't decrease. Goodnight sleep is important for losing extra weight, so make sure you have a 7-9 hour sleep.

  • In a state of sleep deprivation, your ability to lose weight decreases. This is because the body forms diabetes-level glucose and insulin if you do not get sleep. If you want to lose weight in a healthy way, don't cut your sleep.
  • Lack of sleep can make you less motivated to exercise or have a healthy diet. Many of you may have experienced a situation where your stressful nights at work are exhausted and you have no energy to do what you thought you would do at the beginning of the day. Having a proper rest at night will boost your spirits and keep you motivated even when it is time to exercise on the treadmill.
How to get an attractive body

Method-2: Motion

1: After dinner, let's walk for about 15 to 30 minutes before going to bed. By this walking, the food in the stomach can be firmly digested to prevent stomach upset and heartburn.

  • It is also effective to listen to music to keep you motivated.
How to get an attractive body

2: Let's do aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise is a great way to burn calories and get a beautiful shape. Aim to increase your heart rate to a healthy rate so you can consume more calories.

  • Run for 30 minutes or exercise your bike vigorously for two weeks. If you can manage the amount of exercise easily, increase it to 1 hour a day.
  • You may rest for about a minute if your breath is out, but do not rest for a long time until your heart rate falls.
  • When you finish exercising, take a cool-down walk. At first, we walk at a fast speed and slow it down gradually. Remember to stretch after an exercise.
How to get an attractive body

3: Let's start walking. Include at least 15 minutes of walking, especially if you are not doing any exercise. Walking is an excellent exercise, and research has shown that if you walk for only 15 minutes, your life will increase by 3 years. In other words, you can live long and be beautiful.

  • When possible, use stairs instead of elevators. Movement up the stairs can move the muscles of the legs and buttocks.
  • Let's use a pedometer. The pedometer measures the number of steps walked throughout the day. People who have a pedometer tend to walk more than those who do not.
  • Find a reason and go out as much as possible. The more you go out, the less you can not afford to walk. Especially when the weather is fine, eat lunch outside, take a walk after dinner, or take a regular morning dog walk.
How to get an attractive body

4: Make training a daily routine. If you train in areas where you want to be confident, you will feel tight and your muscles stand out and look more beautiful.

  • Move your body as large as possible so that all joints, muscles and parts move, and warm-up. Move your body so that your heart rate and body temperature rise a little. As long as the proper part is moved, the type of warm-up to working on and how to properly move the body is not so important. Be careful not to run out of energy before the actual training.
  • Let's start with 50 abs. You need to do abdominals in the right way to get results. Arms are always crossed in front of the chest. Use your abs to lift the upper body without relying on force. Do not move your back while your abdominal muscles are working. Lower the upper body until the scapula touches the floor. Don't get up on the floor and get up.
  • Do the push-ups as many times as you can to get even more. Once you have your arms straight, let's keep it straight down so that your buttocks do not come out.
  • Let's do squats and ranges. Try a simple squat that does not use tools at first. Put your arms straight forward with a comfortable stance. Keep your head straight and keep your knees on the top of the heel and lean as far as you can. Let's repeat it 20 times. Lanji stands in a comfortable position, places his hands on the hips, uses abs to make a big step forward, and lowers the hips until both knees are at a right angle. Let's do a total of 20 times, 10 times per side.
  • Let's do "superman". When lying down on the ground, extend both arms forward. Keep both legs, arms and chest away from the ground and raise as high as possible. Hold for 10 seconds. Return to the original posture and rest for 5 seconds. Repeat this 10 times in total.
  • Do as many arm curls as you can for both arms. It is a basic training to be performed at the beginning. If you do not feel tired after 12 times, increase the weight of the dumbbell you use a little. The ideal weight should be such that it is lifted more than 8 times and you feel tired before it reaches 12 times.
  • After training, do stretching and hurdle stretch and saddle stretch to increase flexibility. Let's stretch to stimulate the part that you plan to exercise. It actually prepares the muscles to move the body.
How to get an attractive body


  • Get to know your limits. Rather than hurting your body with two days of over-training, you can achieve better results if you continue your moderate exercise steadily toward your goal for four weeks.
  • If you want to change your body, don't expect to get results in about a week. Change takes time. In most cases, after six weeks of intense exercise and healthy eating, changes will begin to appear.
  • If you find it difficult to stretch, stop stretching and move it as far as you can. Repeat the stretch and try to stretch it a little further as you go back and forth.
  • Do not breathe from your nose or breathe while running. This breathing technique is not effective at all. In order to pump blood to the brain and deliver oxygen, it is necessary to inhale and exhale from the mouth and to take in as much oxygen as possible into the body. The lungs may spread to take in air, which may cause side pain. To prevent this, do a side stretch before running.
  • Let's do some simple exercises while watching your favorite show. During the CM, let's do more complex training.
  • Let's try swimming. It is the best exercise to maintain a beautiful figure.
  • Consider buying a heart rate monitor for use in aerobic exercise. The use of a heart rate monitor can prevent excessive training. You can find affordable products online.
  • If you do not like going to the gym or have children, you may want to join an exercise program or purchase a DVD containing a 30-minute exercise at home.
  • Choose activities you can enjoy, such as running, dancing, skating, roller skating, cycling and yoga.
  • If you are enrolled in a school, you may want to join your favorite sports club.
  • Taekwondo is an exercise that uses the entire body. You will gain a beautiful body and flexibility.
  • Increase your vegetable and fruit intake. If you are not good at eating vegetables and fruits, you may want to make a smoothie and mix.


  • Let's stop reducing the amount eaten extremely. As well as being unhealthy, it makes the body difficult to lose weight.
  • It's stressful to know that you're not losing weight as much as you think, so don't weigh yourself every day.
  • Avoid slow static stretching before starting your strength training. Research shows that static stretching before strength training actually reduces the effect of exercise.

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June 19, 2019

How to develop computer software

How to develop computer software You may have a great application idea, but don't know how to make it a reality? Learning a program development language takes time, but many successful programs are self-learning. With the basics in mind, you can write simple programs in a fraction of the time. Developing complex programs can be more difficult, but as long as you practice, you will one day realize your vision.

How to develop computer software

Part-1: Learning a programming language

1. Identify the programming language you are learning first. If you haven't written the code, you can choose a programming language for beginners, but the language needs to be powerful enough to help you achieve your vision. There are more than a dozen languages ​​to choose from, all of which have their own areas and characteristics. The most well-known languages ​​for beginners include.

  • C: One of the oldest computer languages, but still widely used. C language can also help you learn C++ and Java further in the future.
  • C++: One of the most popular languages ​​today, especially in the software development arena. Learning C++ takes a long time, and proficient in the language takes longer, but once you master the language, you have countless opportunities.
  • Java: Another very popular language that can be used on almost any operating system.
  • Python: This is a relatively simple language, and you can master the basics in just a few days. But the language is also very powerful and has a wide range of applications on servers and websites.

How to develop computer software

2. Set up the development environment. Before writing the code, you need to prepare a few tools. This software is called "development environments." Depending on the programming language, the development environment you need will be different.

  • Code Editor: Almost all program developers need to install a code editor. Although you can write code using a simple text editor such as NotePad, the code editor highlights the syntax structure and automates many repetitive programming tasks, making the program development process easier and faster. Tools such as Notepad++, TextMate, and JEdit are very well-known code editors.
  • Compiler or interpreter: Many languages, including C and Java, need to be compiled before they can be coded. So you need to install the compiler for the language on your computer. Most compilers also have the ability to report bugs.
  • IDE (Integrated Development Environment): Some programming languages ​​integrate code editors, compilers, and error traps into one application called the IDE. You can usually download the IDE software from the programming language website.

How to develop computer software

3. Learn the tutorial. If you have never been exposed to program development, you need to start with the basics. You can find some tutorials online to help you understand the basic concepts of the chosen language. These tutorials also introduce syntax, variables, functions, and conditional statements, and how to combine these knowledge points.

  • There are many places on the web that offer high-quality tutorials such as Udemy, Khan Academy, Codecademy and 

How to develop computer software

4. Download some examples and open source applications. By reading and modifying the sample code, you can learn to use the programming language to complete the program functions. There are a lot of examples and open source programs on the web, you can not only access the code but also compile and run the program. In the beginning, you can start with a small program related to your ideal program type.

How to develop computer software

5. Write a simple program to learn the basics. Start writing your own code from the ground up. You can write some simple input and output programs. Practice the programming skills required in complex programs, such as variables and functions. You can also try to set a breakpoint in your own program.

How to develop computer software

6. Join the programming development community. It is a rare opportunity to discuss your own problems with experienced developers. You can also find many like-minded developers on various websites and communities. You can join a community related to your own language and see all the relevant content. Don't be afraid to ask questions, but try to solve the problem yourself before asking questions.

css language programs community

7. It takes a certain amount of time to learn any programming language. The first time you sit in front of the keyboard, you can't write a complete program (complex program). Efficient use of programming languages ​​takes time, but if you can practice hard, you can increase programming speed and efficiency in a short amount of time.

How to develop computer software

Part-2: Design procedure

1. Write a basic design document. Before writing a program, you can write some documentation about the development process. The design documentation needs to list the program goals and describe the program features in detail. These documents can help you focus on developing the main features of the program.

  • The design documentation needs to describe all of the features included in the program and how to implement them.
  • Designing a document requires consideration of the user experience process and how the user can use the program to accomplish various tasks.

How to develop computer software

2. use sketches to draw parts of the program. A schematic diagram of the program is shown to show how the user moves from one part to another. A simple flow chart can meet the needs of the basic program.

How to develop computer software

3. Determine the underlying structure of the program you want to write. The goal of the program will determine the underlying structure of your choice. If you know which of the following is your own program structure, you can focus more on program development.

How to develop computer software

4. Start with the "1-2-3" structure program. This is the simplest program structure that you can use to get familiar with programming languages. To put it simply, after the program of the 1-2-3 structure is run, the user is first asked about the input data and then the calculation result is displayed. After the calculation results are displayed, the program ends.

  • Once you are familiar with the 1-2-3 structure program, you can learn the REPL (Read-Execute-Print Cycle) structure. In this structure, after the output is displayed, the program will return to the first step to repeat the execution.
  • Consider the pipeline structure program. This type of program can continuously convert user input data. This structure is suitable for programs that require only a small amount of user interaction, such as an RSS reader. This type of program consists of a series of classes within a loop.
How to develop computer software

Part-3: Create a program prototype

1. Focus on one feature. Prototypes generally focus on testing the main features of the program. For example, if you want to create a personal organizer, the prototype might be a calendar and add an event feature.

How to develop computer software

2. Iterate over and over until the function is implemented. The prototype should be able to run independently. It's the basis for all the other features, so you need to make sure it's working. You can continually optimize your program as iterate your functions, making it run smoothly and efficiently.

  • You can quickly modify the prototype and test the modified program.
  • You can ask others to test your prototype to make sure it works.
  • When you create a program prototype, you can continually modify it.

How to develop computer software

3. Don't be afraid to drop the prototype. Because the purpose of the prototype is for experiments. Prototypes allow you to test whether the required functionality can be implemented before writing a complete program. The prototype is destined to be a test, so don't be afraid to discard it and return to the artboard to redesign. Prototypes can reduce many of the difficulties in subsequent work.

How to develop computer software

Part-4:  Programming

1. Write pseudocode as the basis for the program. The pseudo code can determine the project structure and serve as the basis for detailed coding. Pseudocode is similar to program code, but cannot be compiled into a program. Pseudocode is easy to read, so program developers can use pseudocode to think about the problems encountered in actual coding.

  • Pseudocode has the same syntax as a programming language and is identical in structure to a normal programming language.

How to develop computer software

2. Expand your prototype. You can use existing prototypes as a basis to further program or integrate prototype code into a complete program structure. Either way, you need to take advantage of the prototype and then develop it further.

How to develop computer software

3. Start writing code. This is the core part of the entire development process. Writing code generally takes the most time and requires many compilations and tests to finally ensure that the code runs correctly. If you develop a program in a team, everyone can work based on the pseudo code you created earlier.

How to develop computer software

4. Add a comment to all the code. Add comments to all code using the annotation features of the programming language. Not only can annotations help others understand code functionality, but they can also help you remember your code content so you can understand the code content when you look at it later.

How to develop computer software

Part-5: Test program

1. Test each new feature. New features added need to be compiled and tested. If more people test the program, you can find out the flaws in the program. You need to inform all testers that the program is still in beta and they may encounter serious errors in the test.

  • This test page is often referred to as an Alpha test.

How to develop computer software

2. The test includes a fully functional program. After all the features of the program have been developed, you will need to conduct a round of intensive testing that covers every aspect of the program. This round of testing requires the most testers to attend.

  • This test is generally referred to as a beta test.

How to develop computer software

3. Test candidate release versions. You can still modify the program and add new resources, but be sure to thoroughly test the release version.

How to develop computer software

Part-6: Create a resource

1. Determine the resources required for the program. The characteristics of the program itself will determine the required resources. Do you need homemade music? illustration? Other content? Before you publish the program, you must understand the answers to these questions.

How to develop computer software

2. Consider the way of outsourcing. If you need a lot of resources but don't have enough manpower to create, you can consider outsourcing resource creation. There may be many freelancers who want to help you with the project.

How to develop computer software

3. Integration of resources. You want to make sure that the resources don't affect the program's functionality, and there's no extra useless content. Unless the resources are directly related to the program, resource integration is usually required at the final stage of development. For example, many computer games need to integrate resources at an early stage.

How to develop computer software

Part-7:  Release program

1. Consider publishing your program as open source. This way you run other people to view your code and improve the program. The open source model is based on a community-based publishing method, so it's hard to get revenue. This mode also has its own advantages, other programs may be interested in your program, making the program widely used.

How to develop computer software

2. Create an online store. If you want to sell your own software, you can create a store on your own website so that customers can download and purchase the software. Paid users generally want the software they purchase to be fully functional and without obvious defects.

  • Depending on the type of software, you can also choose from a variety of service providers to sell the software.

How to develop computer software

3. Continuous support for released software. After the software is released, you will most likely receive an error report from the new user. You can categorize the errors based on their severity and then start solving the problem. After the bug is fixed, you can either release a new version of the software or provide a patch to patch some older versions of the program.

  • If you can provide good after-sales support services, you will win the favor of customers and be promoted by word of mouth.

How to develop computer software

4. Advertise your own software. Users must first know your software before considering it. You can provide review articles to relevant software sites, provide free-to-use versions of software, or write media press releases, and, in a nutshell, use a variety of methods to promote your software to the world.

How to develop computer software

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June 18, 2019

A way to fast consume warmth

A way to fast consume warmth| If you pursue the root cause, losing weight is to consume calories. Consuming the calories absorbed by the body as soon as possible is beneficial to our weight loss schedule, waist circumference, and health. Want to consume the most calories possible, then read on.

How to quickly consume heat

Part-1: Master the exercise method

1. Try high-intensity interval training. If you think that aerobic exercise is an excellent way to consume calories, the idea is correct. However, you missed a better way to consume calories, which is interval training. Intermittent exercise can enhance the benefits of aerobic exercise.
  • High-intensity interval training consists of high-intensity exercise from 30 seconds to several minutes, with a recovery period of 1 to 5 minutes after each exercise (stop motion or low-intensity exercise), followed by repeated high-intensity exercise. Think about these benefits
  • You will consume more calories. The more intense the exercise you do, the more calories you burn, even if you only increase your exercise intensity for a few minutes at a time.
  • You will improve your body's oxygen supply. When cardiovascular health improves, you will be able to exercise for longer or higher intensity. Imagine that you can walk 60 minutes in 45 minutes, or you can continue to exercise for 60 minutes to consume more calories than before.
  • You can send boring. Increasing exercise intensity in a short period of time can make daily exercise more diverse.
  • You don't need special equipment, you just need to simply modify the current routine.
How to quickly consume heat
2. Practice lifting weights. Weightlifting is not the fastest way to consume calories. But you need aerobic exercise and weight training to get the ultimate benefit.  Your body's metabolism depends on weight training, because of the more muscles, the faster the metabolism. A higher metabolic rate is equal to more calories being consumed.
  • Many women avoid weightlifting because they are afraid that their muscles are too strong. However, a small amount of weightlifting is actually the primary key to burning calories: the more lean muscle your body has, the faster the metabolism, the more calories you burn, and the slimmer you look. This is because even if your muscles are resting, they still need three times more energy than fat to repair and rebuild muscle tissue. 
How to quickly consume heat
3. Train your body to consume fat. We make you realize that you need aerobic exercise and weight training to really increase the number of calories burned. But more importantly, if you exercise properly, your body produces an effect called "afterburn", which means that the body will continue to burn up to 300 calories after exercise. This is real.
  • Let's simply define how to do this, that is, weightlifting, full-speed sprinting, and then repeating these movements several times. This will exercise your heart and lungs while helping to improve muscle tone. You can add bogey (Burpee, standing and standing push-ups), squats, squats, and sprint sprints to burn calories while running, that is, when you are lying on the sofa, the heat is still there. Continue to burn.
  • Fitness centers usually offer athletic classes in both areas. You can ask if they have aerobics and weight training courses. Not only can you exercise, but you can also make friends who can complain together after exercise. Win-win!
How to quickly consume heat
4. Try cycling training. The calorie consumption is obviously about the muscles that exercise as much as possible at the same time, and this is the purpose of cycling training. But do you know that cycling training also has its psychological benefits? It improves mood and releases stress, but it also improves cardiovascular health.
  • Cycling is effective because it continuously trains different muscle groups in an uninterrupted manner, so you don't waste any time during the exercise. Your heart rate is improved, and you can keep it. This is an effect that weightlifting can never achieve. And if you add some aerobic exercise to the loop training, the effect is even better.
How to quickly consume heat
5.Mix different movements. People often fall into such a deadlock: aerobic exercise is equivalent to running. Although running can effectively dissipate heat, you can do a lot of other sports. Swimming, boating, boxing, and dancing are all great workouts.
  • Real rowing training can easily burn 800 to 1000 calories in an hour. 
  • You can easily burn 800 calories of excess calories in just 45 minutes of swimming to prevent them from becoming fat in the body.
  • Depending on your weight, boxing can consume about 700 calories per hour.
  • Simple dances such as ballet can burn 450 calories per hour
6. Participate in new sports. If you can easily run around the community with your eyes closed and your hands tied behind you, it's time to look for other sports. This will not only keep you fresh, but your body will also need to challenge. The body gradually adapts to these activities after becoming familiar with the exercise, thus consuming fewer calories. You can keep your body fresh by cross training.
  • Don't forget to "burn afterward"! When your body performs unfamiliar activities, it takes longer to recover. During recovery, the body's metabolic rate is still very high. No matter what you do, you need to train new muscles and let the body keep guessing what you will do.
How to quickly consume heat

Part-2: Improved diet

1. Ingest green tea. Green tea not only has the magical effect of fighting cancer but also enhances metabolism. A recent study in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that participants who took three times a day of green tea extract increased their metabolism by 4%.
  • What does 4% mean for you? It burns an extra 60 calories per day. Do you know what it means in the long run? It is 2.7 kg! Just take a small green tea extract to achieve this effect. If you are a supporter of diverse scientific research, then there are also to tell you that scientists believe that green tea can raise norepinephrine levels.
How to quickly consume heat
2. Drink more water. If you're still watery and don't have any magical effects, take a look at this: A recent study shows that if you drink 503 ml of cold water, your metabolism will increase by 30 to 40% in 10 minutes, up to about half an hour. This means you only need to drink 1.5 liters of water a day, and you can consume an additional 17400 calories a year. This is 2.3 kg!
  • In addition to boosting metabolism, water fills your stomach and prevents you from eating more. Drink a glass of water before you eat snacks. Of course, you should also prepare a bottle of water to replenish moisture during your workout.
How to quickly consume heat
3. Eat more low-fat dairy products. A study published in the Journal of Obesity Research found that women who ate only low-fat dairy products, such as women who ate defatted yogurt at least three times a day, lost 70% more fat than women who ate only a small amount of dairy products. In short, people who eat more dairy products have less fat, not the other way around.
  • In fact, calcium can tell the body to increase fat consumption. Unfortunately, calcium-fortified foods do not have the same effect. To get this effect, you need to eat raw dairy products. Try to consume at least 1200 mg of dairy products a day.
How to quickly consume heat
4. Eat fish. At least fish should be included in the diet. Those who regularly eat fish have lower levels of leptin, a protein hormone that boosts metabolism and prevents obesity. Try to eat a fish every other day, preferably a fatty fish such as salmon, tuna and squid.
  • Replace bad food that will increase your waistline with healthy food such as fish. The fish is full of satisfying taste, low calories, and is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids that are good for the heart. Omega-3 fatty acids are important facts that the body can't produce on its own, helping to prevent the blood from condensing too easily and improving the cholesterol ratio.
How to quickly consume heat
5. Ingest fiber. Low-carbohydrate, high-fiber foods require more time to digest than other foods, so your satiety can last longer and you won't eat useless snacks. Spinach, broccoli, asparagus and broccoli are healthy, high-fiber foods.
  • In addition to the fiber composition, biting and chewing a whole piece of fruit stimulates the senses and prolongs the time of eating. So psychologically, this is more satisfying than soda or digestible food. Chewing also promotes the secretion of saliva and gastric juice, helping to fill the stomach. 
How to quickly consume heat
6. Take in protein. You don't have to follow an extreme diet like Atkins, you just need to take some protein every meal to increase your metabolism. Because the digestive system needs more energy to break down proteins, you can consume more calories. But you need to make sure that the protein is only 20 to 35% of the diet. Excessive protein increases the burden on the kidneys and may cause the body to store too much fat.
  • Not all proteins are equal. Make sure you are looking for sources of protein that are nutritious and have less fat and calories, such as lean meat, beans, soy, and low-fat dairy products.

Part-3: Adjust lifestyle

1. stress reliever. According to some studies, a recent study by the University of California, San Francisco, showed that stress can cause abdominal fat accumulation. When you feel pressure, hormones such as cortisol promote appetite, lower your metabolic rate, and encourage fat to accumulate in your abdomen.
  • So what can you do? Look for an activity that can help you decompress, whether it's listening to music or practicing yoga, and then doing it every day. You can not only relax but also reduce yourself to eat because of stress.
How to quickly consume heat
2. Never eat breakfast. Studies have shown that eating breakfast has a role in weight loss success, and a study published in the Journal of Obesity Research showed that almost 80% of people who successfully lose weight are enjoying breakfast.
  • Metabolism slows down while sleeping, and the process of digesting food speeds up metabolism. Plan to consume 300 to 400 calories per day, such as protein, high-fiber cereals (another food that boosts metabolism) with skimmed milk or oatmeal and fruit.
How to quickly consume heat
3. Eat less and eat more. Most people need more energy to digest calories from a small number of meals that they need to digest only two or three meals a day. This will prevent you from eating snacks during the day.
  • Eating less and eating more unexpectedly is a good idea because it prevents the metabolism from slowing down. Your body will fall into the myth of "always eating," so it won't slow down metabolism. Instead of eating three meals a day, it is better to plan to eat five small meals a day (200 to 500 calories). Also, try not to let yourself eat for more than four hours. For example, if you have breakfast at 7 in the morning, eat snacks at 10 in the morning, lunch at 12 noon, eat another snack at 3 o'clock, and then have dinner at 7 o'clock in the evening.
How to quickly consume heat
4. Avoid ingesting alcohol. You may not be aware of this, but in fact, alcohol can suppress the central nervous system and eventually lead to a slowing of metabolism. So now you have another reason to drink water instead of drinking. A British study found that if you drink alcohol while eating high-calorie foods, your body can only consume fewer calories (and accumulate more fat).
  • Ok, this is not entirely true. If you can maintain a glass of red wine a day, it is actually less likely to gain weight. A cup means 118 ml of red wine, not a large bottle of wine. 
How to quickly consume heat
5.  Move the body. People who are constantly moving, whether they are crossing and laying their feet, stretching or pacing, can burn more calories. When the researchers at the Mayo Clinic asked the participants to take 1,000 calories a day for up to eight weeks, they found that only sedentary people turned the calories into fat accumulation in the body.
  • The study also claims that obese people tend to sit, while lean people can't stand still, spending two hours more walking, pacing and other small moves every day than obese people. This difference can translate into leaner people who consume 350 calories more per day than obese people and can lose 13.6 to 18.1 kg of body weight without fitness for a year.
How to quickly consume heat
6. Get enough sleep. Yes, your favorite shows may be on TV, but for your waistline, the more important thing is to sleep. A study at the University of Chicago Medical Center found that people who only slept for four hours were more difficult to handle in their bodies. the reason? This is because lack of sleep leads to an increase in insulin and stress hormone cortisol.
  • When tired, the body lacks energy for daily functions, including the effective consumption of calories. So the best way to ensure that your metabolism works smoothly is to sleep six to eight hours a night.
7.  Stay active with your method. Don't think that calories can only be burned in the gym. You can consume calories anytime, anywhere. The following activities can consume 150 calories for 68 kg people:
  • Play golf and bring your own club for 24 minutes
  • Shovel snow for 22 minutes by hand
  • Shovel 26 minutes in the garden
  • Push electric lawn mower for 30 minutes
  • Stucco room 27 minutes
  • Play table tennis or chase your child in the playground for 33 minutes
How to quickly consume heat


  • One way to consume calories very simply is to soak up a slice of lemon every morning. This also cleans the organs well.
  • Eat smaller portions of food. Instead of eating three big meals a day, it is better to halve the amount of each meal and change to a small meal a day. This will make the body consume more calories.


  • Avoid excessive exercise. If you are tired of curling on the ground after two hours of exercise on the elliptical, you will not be able to exercise for the next few days. Please be cautious.