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Bodybuilding(bodybuilding for beginners & exercise)

Bodybuilding(bodybuilding for beginners & exercise)

Natural Bodybuilding - So long ago the game did not appear. Principles on which it is based? Consider the following.


Natural Bodybuilding

The first term in the term "natural bodybuilding" refers to the non-use of any steroid. Yes, these drugs are incredibly accelerating the growth of muscular athletes, but at the same time, they all violate the functioning of body systems. With severe damage to internal organs is applied is the result of the adoption of steroid drugs, has an attractive appearance.
Natural bodybuilding provides a different way. This lies in the rejection of special preparation. Of course, the formation of the embossed body thus has a longer duration. However, the positive aspect, in this case, is that the muscles are pumping naturally without the help of chemical additives and steroids. It improves health conditions.


Natural Bodybuilding

Today it is difficult to imagine any sport without doping. This particularly applies to bodybuilding. Unlike sports, which uses steroid harmful to the body, it acts as natural bodybuilding. The competition is held since the mid-ninth decade of the last century.

In Russia, there is an official organization supporting the game. It is the natural bodybuilding association, one of the most honorable members of which was founded in March 2010 by its president, Stephen Chapovsky, and - Arnold Schwarzenegger supports the idea of ​​the existence of the sport.
In Russia to participate in the first natural bodybuilding championship held in November 2010, it was admitted athletes who were divided into four age groups. The first of these includes girls and boys above the age of eighteen. Then Junior and Junior came for twenty-two years. The third group was represented by adult athletes. He is over 22 years of age. The "Veteran" group consisted of masters in forty-five years.


Natural Bodybuilding

Regarding the training process, "straight" and "chemists" it is almost identical. But at the same time, there are some characteristics in the class for those who prefer natural bodybuilding. Athletes receiving steroids capable of prolonged training for one to two hours. This process of muscle growth occurs in high amounts. This decisive role is played by the stimulation of essential receptors.
Many different arrays stick to natural bodybuilding. The in-game training program is designed for forty-five minutes. The fact is that in the first 20 minutes. Glycogen is spent in the muscles, and in subsequent periods - in the liver. Prolonged workouts will be harmful to the body. In this case, an athlete will simply lose muscle.

The main difference between "straight" and "chemists" is the information that the reported synthesis of proteins is the process of affecting the DNA of a cell. Athletes taking steroids proceed at a higher rate and to a greater extent.


Athletes who take steroids, the muscle recovery process, much faster than a damaged workout. In this case, their stamina literally breaks physical boundaries.

The basic principle is what follows natural bodybuilding - "muscle without steroids". However, chemicals on muscles without natural affects only a limited amount of hormones. Man is coming from his natural body roof. Progress muscle growth is slow, the result is not visible at once. This is why already in the early stages, many people give up on this method and start taking steroids to achieve a rapid effect.


Natural Bodybuilding

There is a way that allows the player to reach their physical ceiling faster. One of its features is to conduct a training diary, which will reflect the load increase.
For those who prefer natural bodybuilding, inefficient work with the same weight. The load must be increased to a certain progression. When working with the same bodyweight it will produce normal amount of hormones. It is not sufficient to drive the cell in the process of protein synthesis. Another result is obtained with an increased load. In this case, each workout undergoes strange body stress, contributing to the development of additional anabolic hormones, which must be conducive to the muscles. Consequently, there is growth.


For those who prefer to engage in natural bodybuilding, load progression should look like this: Monday, bench made weight in the supine position weighing 80 kg 10 times in three repetitions. On the following Monday, the weight increases. He said that 88 kg should be reached. Thus wrung is required six to ten times (as far as the body is able). Pressure may be increased and weighs 80 kg. In this case, you need to be repeated three times eleven years. Thus, it becomes clear the essence of technique progress load. Operating weight should be increased. It does not matter how it is done (by increasing the number of sets or the load itself).


Natural Bodybuilding

Getting a natural body roof can be another way in natural bodybuilding. It consists of periodization of training. This scheme is quite simple. The training process will need to be taken a step back. This will enable the body to rest for some time, and then it will be easier to make it two steps ahead.
It is desirable to graph the duration of the training process to be done independently. It is only after this that the very essence of the method is realized, which is like a wave. Small setbacks will achieve new goals.


Classes in this type of quite complex bodybuilding. Objectives need hard work and patience to achieve at the same time. It is worth remembering and the results sought by bodybuilders who use dope, have you never attained. However, the benefits of natural bodybuilding, without a doubt, do not allow training losses. Also, athletes do not need to buy drugs, which cost a lot of money.


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