Monday, August 26, 2019

Lose weight 800 calories a day (5 Best Tips)

Lose weight 800 calories a day (5 Best Tips)

In the winter, the metabolism is lighter and the appetite even higher, making it especially difficult to lose weight. While food is eaten less in the summer, on the other, we are more active in the summer. We can lose several kilos in weight. In the sun we get vitamin D which helps to lose weight, as well as fruits and vegetables in the heat that reduce fat. The best time to lose weight. In the morning, if the metabolism is accelerated then the body burns calories throughout the day.

Include these things in your diet to increase metabolism in the heat and reduce weight:


1: Get More Liquid:

In the summer, sweat is high which causes our body to drain a lot of water. Therefore, the body needs to drink more water to protect it from dehydration. Therefore, you should drink water every few minutes because Water is very important for performing important functions of the body. If you are tired of drinking only water, you can take lemon water, coconut water, and mango syrup along with water. With less water, there will be less desire to eat food.

2: Eat more fruits and vegetables:

There are numerous fruits and vegetables in the summer. They contain high amounts of antioxidants and fiber. This is why they are considered the best way to lose weight. Eat mostly gourd and gourd in vegetables, as well as add freshly chopped cucumber and cucumber to your diet as a low-calorie snack.

3: Eat More Probiotics:

Use plenty of yogurt and yogurt in your diet to get natural probiotics. These are not only useful for your gut but also easily digested. Also, yogurt keeps the body cool and is a source of protein, vitamin D and calcium.

4: Have a light meal at night:

Eat lighter at night. Because with the passing of the day, your metabolism becomes lighter. It is difficult to digest heavy or fatty nutrients. Will help

5: Avoid fried things:

Eat steamed, grilled or roasted foods instead of fried and greasy ones. Because fried foods are hard to digest and increase body fat.

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