Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Saudi officials announce new technology and cybersecurity academy

Saudi officials announce new technology and cybersecurity academy

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Riyadh: A new academy has been announced in Saudi Arabia for advanced technology and cybersecurity.

According to details, Saudi Arabia's Department of Defense is self-sufficient in cybersecurity prevention, Saudi Arabia is ranked 13th globally in the cybersecurity field and 16th in cybersecurity threats globally. Has reached

The passing out ceremony of 100 youths associated with Saudi Arabia's Cyber   Security, Programming and Drone Technology program was held.

The Arab news agency said that a total of 32,000 candidates were requested to join the program, out of which 100 were selected, the training program continued for 4 months.

Dr. Abdullah Bin Sharaf Al-Ghamdi, chairman of the Federation Federation of Cyber   Security Program Administration, said there is a 300 percent chance of job offers among young people graduating from the organization.

Media sources said that their average salary would be up to 15,000 Saudi riyals, while one hundred Saudi citizens would be prepared in every program by 2030.

He added that the ability to serve in various security companies in the waste state would result in no need for specialists from abroad.

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