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Quite likely to hide a static-dynamic practice. Thanks to them, there is a great opportunity to do some work muscle fibers, which are usually not given enough attention during training.
Bodybuilding exercise is to keep a figure and help to adjust it considerably. Their main advantage is the total lack of relaxation for the muscles. The load is kept at the same level, and breaks should not be there. Movement should be carried out at this stage because muscle relaxation should occur, not to the end.



In these exercises, it is important to pay special attention to the early days. Everything should be calculated properly and follow a certain schedule. Nutrition is one of the main ingredients.

Most men and women easily manage overweight, although there are some people who do not have such effects of food. Do not follow your own power supply and does not meet at least the simplest exercise, people gain excess weight quickly.

The formation of adipose tissue, a bulge in the abdominal area, does not seem very aesthetically pleasing, as it makes the body loose and unattractive to both men and women.



Many people believe that their diet - is right, but more often it is not so. People do not know what foods are useful and which are contraindicated, nutritionists and other doctors.

You should know that in sweets, and foods with fried and fatty foods are "empty calories." A product containing sugar should only be eaten after a workout, as they restore energy. These carbohydrates are also allowed to be eaten in the morning, and at some other time, they will go exclusively to fat.
So exercise does not help to get rid of body fat. The right diet to make for yourself alone or to start asking for professional help.



There are three types of basic exercises for today:
  1. Static.
  2. Static-Dynamic Practice.
  3. Dynamic. 
A very popular pastime today is bodybuilding. Training programs are available for every budding player. Consider the example of carpal expander:
Statics - The expander is compressed and held in a maximal time.
Mobility - The expander is compressed and decompressed to complete the rest.
Article mobility - almost the same as the speaker, only expander compression is not needed to finish the removal.



As is known, the static-dynamic practice can be very different. For example, the practice of special static-dynamic complex runners in particular now stands in the first place for many athletes.
Standing with the toe on an elevated rise and fall down horizontally (25 lifts a foot).
One leg squat at slow, partial lifting (15 times per foot).
Prawn position, legs bent at knees and raised. You need to raise your head, shoulders, upper torso (60 seconds).
This small campus is ideal for novice runners. This significantly improves the properties of aerobic muscle uptake.


Heath modern bodybuilders are practicing static-movement.

The squat is not absolutely necessary at first sight, as it does not affect everyone's muscles. But this is not the case. In fact, this type of sit-ups affects a large number of muscle fibers.

Typically, a person feels tired after only 35 seconds of application. For a while and suffering time, you should take a little less weight. We should not forget that there is never that the implementation of static-dynamic practice requires very slow speed, endurance. It is necessary to choose boundaries defined at the time of squat, not to cross the line and prevent muscle relaxation.

Professionals recommend performing squats as a Super Series. That is, about 40 seconds is an exercise, then at the same time, rest, and repeat it three times. This is followed by a 10-minute rest. All you need to do this is 4 Super Series.

This practice is a good help in diseases, as well as a completely correct figure.



The statodynamic exercise Seluyanov considers most important in sports.

Train oxidative muscle fiber is the basic process for this. It is here and statodinamiki used to exercise. Viktor Nikolaevich Seluyanov claims that this technique significantly improves the body's tolerance level and helps to quickly create the desired shape with the presence of multiple muscles.
Even the simplest exercise can be changed by a pair of bodybuilding sets a little more complex. This will be effective for acting on too many muscles. Statodynamic exercises should be done before pain.



Brilliant statodynamic exercises on muscles abdominals are often performed by athletes. Sometimes you also did not appear all those statodinamiku. The following exercises will help women to overcome childbirth, and men - get rid of the "little" beer belly:

  • Location - His back, hands on his back (crossed fingers). There is a need to try to lift your upper body with bent knees and keep it straight. We lift to do as much as possible and the body needs to be lowered to five centimeters from the floor. The arm behind your head should be straight, and in any case, it is impossible to connect the elbow.
  • Hanging on the bandage, it is possible to train the lower abdomen. The level position is necessary to raise the legs a little bent. First, you must strictly follow the rises up to 90 degrees, and then try to lift your legs higher. Here not only the abdominal muscles but also others are included.
  • Then the prone position, hands extended along the floor, palms down. Legs bent and extended to 90 degrees. The leg should be lifted so that the feet were constantly above the pelvis and there is no change. Can't get my hands off the floor.
  • Location - lying on the floor, feet bent at the knees and visibly extended to 90 degrees, toes extended. Fingers can be concatenated posteriorly and gradually raise the upper torso. The breath is on the rise, and what to do when you exhale a quick lap to touch his head. The tense situation should continue for two to five seconds. Exercise can be simplified by using benches, chairs and so on. The legs cannot be put on weight and put on the surface but stored 90 degrees in any event.
  • The main burden here is only on the abdominal muscles, pain should not be felt in the rest of the muscles. Regular classes daily not only contribute to improving their appearance but also have changed spinal health for much better.


Starting position continuous: to lie on your back, always on a flat surface.

Breathing as deeply as possible requires rapid exhalation and effort to include the anterior abdominal wall. It will not be easy, but over time you learn it.
Keep breathing and stomach as relaxed as possible.
This compound should be repeated about 10 times a day. It is perfectly suited for respiratory recovery after core exercise. Statodynamic abdominal exercises, and in particular, on the cross of his muscles are done very carefully.


Most professional athletes can easily say that strong effort does not require abdominal muscles. Multiple repetitions of simple exercises would be best to replace a couple of more complex ones. They actually do more well, and time will take much less time. The most important thing in this case - to make the right diet and choose for yourself the most suitable system of exercise. Must be the current maximum number of repetitions. By following all the rules, you can get a result that will be terrible for everyone.



Throwing your own home exercise bike, you should not run the sport for good. A bodybuilding workout program will not be superfluous either.

Get rid of any simulator is only due to the fact that it takes too much effort, it is not necessary for that. It was possible to reduce the load and add it slowly, but here it is necessary to include it regularly. To begin with is to increase the level of endurance, and for the laziest, it will be quite difficult.

You can create simple exercises that require only one limb height, and so on. They are often used for the most common warm-ups but follow basic exercises thereafter.
On behalf of Viktor, Nikolaevich Seluyanov has developed biology candidates and a methodology that is designed for beginners. This squat is also included as described above. But then the execution time is very short. The Super Series is just two, and the exercise and rest time is 25 seconds. For those new to the sports field, that option is appropriate.

One can get decent results in just three weeks of such training. Endurance will increase and will come only from the desire to ride a bike.

This kind of practice seems to be the simplest at first sight. But when a person starts to complete them, it immediately feels considerable pain in the muscles. It is to this effect and must be present in all fully static-dynamic exercises.