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Laptop Asus X53S: Specifications

Laptop Asus X53S: Specifications

Laptop Asus X53S
Today we talk about the laptop 's features of Asus X53S, which, no doubt, deserves attention. He can become a universal gift as copes with his works.


Laptop Asus X53S allocates superb build quality. In addition, the device has an attractive design. It can also deal with users who do not have experience with laptops. Size devise 378x253x34.9 mm and 2.6 kg weight. Therefore, it is excellent for transportation and frequent travel.


Laptop Asus X53S

The Asus X53S has a resolution of 15.6 inches, 1366x768 pixels by which the display achieved. This indicator can be called normal, as the angle of view. Brightness level and saturation is the standard for a given manufacturer. The image looks incredibly realistic. The Type ATI Radeon HD 6470M graphics card makes it comfortable for video and viewing work.
Asus X53S indicators are not inferior to its main competitors, such as LG, Samsung, and Acer. The device used a powerful AMD processor. Depending on the amount of your laptop hard drive, it may be 320 or 500 gigabytes, which will hold all the necessary information.


Now we will explain the main features of Asus X53S. The laptop is sold with the preinstalled operating system Windows 7 Home Basic. As a processor, it runs at a frequency of 2500 MHz and a dual-core. The memory device belongs to a DDR3 class. Its volume is equal to four gigabytes. The two slots under the indicator can be extended due to the presence in the RAM device. The display is bright, equipped with LED backlight. Video memory class GDDR3 has a capacity of 2048 MB. This is an internal optical drive for DVD RW. The drive is connected via an interface serial ATA. There is a LAN / Modem. With respect to 1000 Mbit / c - network card indicators, they are excellent. In addition to the wireless interfaces available for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. External devices can be connected via USB 2.0. There is also a microphone input, There are HDMI and VGA. Audio output can be used to connect headphones. Flashcards can be played directly through a laptop without any additional adapters. The following standards of removable media: SD, PRO, MS, and MS. The laptop provides 3 hours of battery life. Battery capacity is 5200 mAh battery. Battery Type Li-ion. The touchpad is quite convenient. There are built-in speakers. Internal microphone. A 0.3-megapixel webcam is provided.


Laptop Asus X53S

Asus X53S - This is a good laptop with its strengths and weaknesses. Weaknesses include lack of performance for video game demand. However, this can be improved by increasing the memory to 8 GB. Power sockets also cannot be said to be reliable. Over time, it can become loose, preventing the correct operation of the network. The backlit keyboard is absent. The efficiency of the cooler decreases with active and long-term use. Problems may arise with the discovery of some models of mobile devices via Bluetooth. With continuous use, the appliance can be heated. Repair and spare parts search require a lot of user effort. There is a special quality for power supply is no different. Compared to some other models of laptops, the size of the letters on the keyboard seems to be so large, and it can be used to do this.
And now for good. The device expands to a lossless Wi-Fi network. In general, it can be called a practical and convenient. The processor provides fast operation. No crashes and stops when working with applications. Hard disk space but cannot rejoice. Design and price as we write in plus. USB port operates quickly and smoothly. The model is ideal for both work and home.

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