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How To Lose Weight In The Gym? Selection Of Trainers And Training Programs

How To Lose Weight In The Gym? Selection Of Trainers And Training Programs

How To Lose Weight In The Gym

At least once in our lives many of us understand what they need to lose weight. And each one has its own personal meaning in these words. For a person who wants the third extra inch only to remove problem areas, and so on, it is important for another to be fit and slim, the key indicator of scale. The first thing that comes to mind for a person wanting to lose weight - it is a diet. Today there are many different diets aimed at burning fat, but they are ineffective without exercise.
People who lose weight only slightly and, need to do enough tone for these types of physical activity to get the body up, walking, swimming, cycling like walking, and so on. A good option for modern humans is constantly in possession of the treadmill to lose weight. Reviews suggest that this time-tested simulator allows for good shape and weight to keep the body under control. However, people who want to lose weight dramatically and quickly go to the gym. Slimming used to do serious exercise herein. All was in order, they should be engaged under the guidance of an experienced instructor. Today we will learn how to lose weight in the gym, and a look at some specific workouts.


The train is, at least at first, under the guidance of a professional trainer. The fact is that exercise is a very important right technique. If you do an exercise correctly, it will become inference classes do not hesitate to ask the names of the instructors in the gym, for their method of use, and safety. All were once new faces. Clothing for training must be comfortable so that it does not impede movement. It is recommended to give preference to natural, breathable fabrics. Synthetic fabrics that are poorly air-permeable create discomfort, especially during intensive training.
festive. Also, the illiterate approach to the art of motion because almost all exercises done with weights creates the risk of serious injury.
You need to engage wisely, without fanaticism. This is not allowed if the muscle is full of excessive fatigue microtrauma. For beginners will help you cope enough for 45-60 minutes three times a week. You can train every day and, more importantly, for the same muscle group is not being loaded on two consecutive days. Otherwise, there will be no time for muscle recovery.


To lose weight before you go to the gym, you need to make a clear study plan. Pursuing its development, it is necessary to keep in mind that after intensive training the full recovery of the muscle takes an average week. The daily load of the same muscle group makes no sense in terms of weight loss, and in terms of health. Of course, to train once a week is ineffective. A program of the best when the muscles are divided into two categories, class-specific muscle is involved in one day, and workouts are held 5 days a week. As a result, all groups of muscles are resting on three consecutive days (2 days off and one day, linked to production, when they did not work). Sometimes the muscles are divided into three categories. Both approaches give muscles time to relax, But body tone is not allowed to decrease. You cannot train for five days, and three will be enough, at least at first.
Muscles should be delivered in two or three days after presenting with the timetable. It is recommended to work out at least three muscle groups per session. It is desirable to combine large and small groups. The most important thing to consider in this case is the fact that the muscles that are helping each other work, and the muscles there are antagonists. For example, in the bench press, which is a major exercise used to train the chest, triceps and is the secondary shoulder. Therefore, it is advisable to train these muscle groups on a single day. So today is to work out chest, tricks and tomorrow, there will be no rest later.

It should be borne in mind that muscle groups belong to several departments/beams (then, they are groups). Each department usually worked out a particular modification of an exercise. Small changes in the form, for example, trunk tilt or rotation brush can redirect a load to its other beam.
Each exercise is performed in a 2–4 ​​approach, which is needed to rest for 5 minutes in between. To burn fat reserves intensely, it is necessary to gradually increase the weight of the projectile. Exercise for men to lose weight in the gym is no different from a woman. The difference lies in the level of stress and emphasis on other problem areas. The gym program for girls usually involves the active study of the legs, hips, and abdomen, while men pay less attention to the lower body.


In response to a question on how to lose weight quickly, while engaged in the gym, many inexperienced instructors may advise eating less. This is the wrong method. Our body complex being the self-regulating system has a countervailing weight function. Build-up physical exercise is deficient in nutrients, then the body goes into self-defense mode and in case you run low again, to send all the ingredients into fat stores. Therefore, food should be completed during training. Of course, you should not overeat. It should consume about 350 grams of food every 4 hours.
However, the normal diet is still subject to some adjustments. Use of confectionery and bakery products desirable range. Also, avoid standing palm and transgenic fat. They are poorly absorbed by the body and make unnecessary ballast fat, which is not easy to get rid of. It is also recommended to pay attention to the glycemic index of foods. This ideal should not be more than 50. Regular physical activity should be full of protein and vitamins while engaged in the human diet. But the use of fats and carbohydrates and can be cut.
It is worth thinking about your diet when you lose weight with the help of the gym in such a way that protein is about 50% of all nutrients. In addition to protein-rich foods include chicken meat and eggs, fish, nuts and dairy products.
In addition to use carbohydrates, it is worth paying attention to grains, vegetables, fruits, dried fruits, and Muesli.


How To Lose Weight In The Gym

In response to a question about how to lose weight in the gym, it is worth mentioning the use of sufficient amounts of liquid. Ideal for daily water consumption of an average of 2–2.5 liters. Of course, this can vary depending on the individual characteristics of the organism. There is a very simple way to check whether your body gets enough water. The liquid is clear pastel color at optimal consumption of urine. If it is yellow, it is necessary to increase water intake. In any case, it is not necessary to resort to extremes. Excessive fluid intake leads to leaching of minerals from the body.


Before we start to talk directly about the practice, you should pay attention to the differences. People suffering from weight loss with the help of varicose veins, hemorrhoids, heart disease, contraindicated heavy physical exertion. Some gynecological diseases for women should be added to the list of contraindications. Anyway, starting physical exercise, a full body examination will not stop or at least consult with a physician.


How To Lose Weight In The Gym

The systems presented are not suitable for those who have not participated in the games before. In order to prepare the body for stress, 2-3 months should be given purely aerobic workout. It can be running, swimming, dancing, aerobics and more. It is also worth taking care of muscle flexibility through yoga or Pilates. You can then move on to work with the weight. Any workout should start with a warm-up and cardio (jumping the treadmill, rope, exercise bike and so on). And now learn how to lose weight in the gym.
To begin, disassemble complex which is suitable for both men and women. It is very complex but very effective. , A couple of exercises on different muscle groups, one approach consists of complex supersets - without interruption.


Day 1:
  1. Breast narrow grip + downward exercise back rod with parallel grip.
  2. Sweater with leg twist + dumbbell.
  3. + Deadlift (on the floor or bench) twisting.
  4. Combine weapons with lying legs of + extensions on dumbbell simulator.
  5. Dumbbell bench press on a wish bench + squat.
Each exercise should be done 15 times. The deuce is repeated three times. Maximum modes of employment, because of their intensity - 2 times a week.


Now consider exercising in the gym for men. This program is not suitable for fair sex. Before you start training, you need to choose the weight of the shells. First of all, that was so, you cannot do more than 13 repetitions of a particular exercise. What to do in the first two weeks one time approach. On the third week, the weight of the sphere increases, and the number of repetitions is halved. On the fourth week, everything remains the same, but each exercise is already done in two approaches. We need to try to iterate that amount, which is indicated in parentheses.
Day 1:
  1. The bench rod lay on the bench (8x3).
  2. The dumbbell (12h3) is lying on a bench with hand reproduction.
  3. "Butterfly" (8x2).
  4. Downward exercise wide grip (10x3).
  5. Hyperextension (15h3)।
  6. Pulling his head (8x2).
  7. Link rod in a tilted area (10x3).
2nd day:
  1. Bench press barbell, seated because of the head (8x3).
  2. (10x3) dumbbell lifting for seated fishes.
  3. Step dumbbell (10x3).
  4. (10x3) hand reproduction withstanding the weight.
  5. Pressing upper torso lifting (20X3).
  6. Increase of lower leg press (20X3).
  7. Deep Trisk (10x2).
  8. French Bench (12x2).
3 day :
  1. Back leg lying in a simulator (8x3).
  2. With dumbbell (8x3) Lunges.
  3. Leg curl in the simulator (10x3).
  4. Hands up on the bench (12h3) for Fishes Scott.
  5. Increase in leg screws (12h3).


This weight loss program for men in the gym is complicated by the last two, but it is great for burning fat. Alternatively, you can start with the previous compound and slowly move on to it. Here, as the first program, the implemented supersets method.
Day 1:
  1. Twisting on incline bench + hyperextension (20h4).
  2. Squat + Downward exercise for one head (15h4).
  3. Press rod from the chest, sitting or standing + lying leg curl (20h4).
  4. Push up on the bench with your hands behind the thrust rod to his back + chin (20h4).
2nd day:
  1. Increase in foot palm + deadlift (20h4).
  2. Lunges dumbbell + horizontal thrust block (15h4).
  3. Bench press barbell standing or sitting because of head + leg of extension in the simulator (20h4).
  4. Push-up wide grip + curl standing barbell (15h4).
3 day:
  1. Rotate on floor + hyperextension (15h4).
  2. A leg press simulator + bench press (15h4).
  3. Downward exercise narrow grip + pole bend shoulders (15h4).
  4. Hill with lying Zashagivaniya weight + dumbbell breeding. (15h4).


So the first program is universal, and the second and third were purely male, this complex is just perfect sex. Implementing training for women in the gym for weight loss is not as difficult, but if done correctly, it gives a good result.
Day 1:
  1. Top Press Twisting.
  2. Leg extension
  3. Downward exercise chest.
  4. leg curl.
  5. Chest less block thrust.
  6. Reduced leg.
  7. Curl with the weight on your biceps.
2nd day
  1. rotates on obliques.
  2. Bench press barbell on a wish bench.
  3. "butterfly"
  4. Deadlift।
  5. Standing leg bend.
  6. Lifting legs in simulator or screws.
3 day:
  1. Short press twisting.
  2. Push up from the bench.
  3. Extension arms on tricks, vol.
  4. Lunges with dumbbells.
  5. Squat with weight.
  6. a punishment.
  7. Leg extension.
All exercises are performed for 15 repetitions in three methods. Of course, if it is difficult, at first, then you can do fewer reps.
Which one to choose - a personal decision. In any case, remember that you should always start exercising with a warm-up and finish - stretching. And don't forget that exercises in the gym for men are not suitable for women, and vice versa. And a man, running women's center, just do not get the effect, women, men performance, may be extreme. The training program should change 2-3 months so that the muscles do not become habitual. Periodically, you need to take the breaks, so that they are well-rested.


Many are interested in the question of whether it is possible to train at home with the same efficiency as in the hall. In theory, everything is possible if you have the proper equipment and knowledge. Instructors can be changed by very simple practice, but not all. If you dumbbell and barbell, or at least some dumbbells, then somewhere half a muscle you can work without a simulator. And if we add horizontal bar and parallel bars to it, which are in every yard, then with the proper will, you can work out the whole body.
Dumbbell and barbell rods can be used in scanning mode. Naturally, block training tools, in which you need to pull the weight for yourself, they cannot change. But it would replace the horizontal bar, at least in practice with its back. Tight expanders, possible blocks fixed at the same angle as the blocking lever, until the extension arms in the lower tracks are replaced. Another option to replace the block simulator - working with hard dumbbells. Problems can also arise from the study of the feet. There is no special simulator replacement for bending the legs at home position. So there will be a resort to aerobics exercises, but it is not much strength training.
Perhaps the most important problem of home training is the lack of a specialist who can pay attention to your mistakes and correct the technique. Therefore, to study successfully at home, you need to study the essence of exercise carefully. In the hall, of course, the level of motivation is high, because people see you, and some of them are already successful in fitness. Have been


Today we come to know how to lose weight in the gym. As a result, you can draw a simple conclusion that weight loss is significant labor, and a systematic approach to employment and everything else is a matter of technology. Many girls fear that when dealing with the burden, they get masculine forms will do. This is completely wrong and it does not matter that training for women in the gym is designed to be similar to a male. It is all hormones that will not allow the girl to develop her muscles. Of course, there are exceptions, but they are very rare.


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