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Haider Globe- Offical Blog Of Haider Ali Hamza

Haider Globe Is a blog based on Its niche and the same of author of Haider Ali Hamza

Hey, Welcome to Haider Globe and my name is Haider Ali Hamza

I'm the author of this blog and also owns a YouTube channel of the same name that is Haider Globe.

I like to write and tell people about Health,Fitness,Beauty,Fashion,Food,Education and Apps Review.

For 12 years I have been reading blogs in which my favorite articles are Fashion, Fitness, Food, Education and Apps Review.
I like to write and tell people about technology, fashion, fitness. Since childhood I have been very close to mobiles and because of my love for advanced technology and gaming, I have purchased many smartphones.

I am currently doing BScS from the University NCBE - National College of Business Administration and wanted to become a Computer Software Engineer in the future.

But until then, my love and affection for computer and technology will not wait and hold and that is why I decided to become a YouTube and teach people different tips and tricks and very useful knowledge.

Also, I like to write about technology,Health,Beauty,Education and Fashion, which is why I have opened this blog and will try to provide you with the highest quality content.

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